*Marketshare sourced from statista.com
Photoshare based on Twitter, Q1 2016
Photo results vary on a brand-by-brand basis.

So called natural language processing which mines user generated text in social media for sentiment has practical limitations. Household brands with common words names like Tide, Mustang and Target require complex queries to detect relevant conversations. But Ditto’s computer vision can detect the presence of the logo even when text listening fails.

While most brand logos and packages have distinctive features recognizable by Ditto's computer vision, some logos with simple patterns like the Dallas Cowboys "star" or simple text logos like Staples may be challenging to discern. Even brands with iconic logos like the Lacoste crocodile can be too small to detect in the average user-generated photo in which it appears. An innovative marketer needs to embrace a holistic approach to social listening which integrates both of these complementary tactics.